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be sniffy. nothing to do with sneezing. great word, look it up. i'm bill o'reilly please remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out four. -- out for you. >> i don't think anybody would disagree that intraparty republican angle has chained the complexion of a number of races at a state and district level. >> too many in washington have been trying to tell the voters they're stupid. fortunately, americans are standing up and throwing these guys out. >> we don't think -- we think we a good shot at winning. >> president obama needs people like me more than ever. >> new yorkers are as mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more. >> never seen more americans engaged in our government in my life. >> no more politics as usual. >> the voters have spoken and
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i respect that decision. >> in the tea party there's a strain of frustration with where this country is. >> people figure any change is good change. >> our message is -- >> they refuse to let america go without one knock-down-drag-out fight >> you are going to continue to hear the american people speak not just last night you are going to hear them speak loud and clearly come november. >> sean: we are officially in the home stretch with just seven weeks to go before the november midterm elections. last night a tea party earthquake shook up a number of races. the big race in delaware in which tea party candidate christine o'donnell up set the former governor of that state congressman mike castle that means this november o'donnell will face off with democrat chris coons. over the last 24 hours democrats have attempted to spin o'donnell's victory as proof there is some sort of civil war inside the gop.
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events today should help put those rumors to rest. hours ago chairman of the national republican senator committee john cornyn announced they plan to stand by o'donnell. the committee has sent the maximum allowable donation to o'donnell's campaign. former mass pass governor mitt romney is throwing his support behind o'donnell saying now is the time for republicans to rally behind their nominee christine o'donnell, i believe it is important we support her so we can win back the senate this fall. joining me now the big winner, christine o'donnell is back. congratulations on last night. thanks for being on the program. >> that you very much sean. thank you to all of your viewers for helping make this happen and believing in me from the beginning. >> sean: have you heard from mike castle yet? >> no, i have not. >> sean: you have not. we just done saying respect
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the will of the voter and their decision. there was a report earlier today that he may not support you or endorse you a what do you think of the fact that he wasn't gracious enough to call you and saying something like that? >> well, i can imagine that it would be hard. he hasn't lost an election in 40 years. and i that i i didn't see this coming. he probably just needs some time to get through, you know the day after. it is a shame that he won't endorse me. if the tables were turned, i would have enforced him. now, he and i represent the delaware republican party. they chose last night who they want to represent them on the ballot. if we continue in this divide, it is going to make it harder to win in november. i still believe we can win. i have absolutely no doubt that we can win, after hearing the great announcements of support that you just shared with your viewers. you know this is such an important race. not only because of what our country is facing, but because the winner of this election
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can be sworn in, the day after election day, because it is a special election for the seat once held by joe biden. senator reid and nancy pelosi have announced they are going to have a lame duck session with cap and trade and the dream act. harry reid called my democratic opponent his pet. who do you want serving in that lame duck session? someone who is gonna promote that very liberal agenda that can't get enough democratic support or someone who is going to push back against the establishment and proven that you can have the determination and will to win and try to stop that lame duck agenda? >> sean: you have not been shy in going on what sarah palin calls the lame stream media. today an lynn this morning, you were on the "today" show, "good morning america", the early show, cnn you were on all those liberal shows? >> i was.
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>> sean: my question is why have you decided to subject yourself to the, what i would argue probably biased tough and obviously the advancement of some of the attacks against you? >> well, because i wanted an opportunity to counter those attacks. my opponent is putting out lies. they are -- or was and they are being exasperated by the liberal media. i found that when the viewers get a chance to meet me and hear me present my positions and my ideas, they can see for themselves that i am not the person that the liberal media is trying to paint me as. i see it as an opportunity. i'm going to have to face that same hostility in the u.s. senate. they are no different than some of the people i will be serving with this november. if i'm afraid to face the liberal media, how can i earn the voters' trust to face the liberals in washington, d.c. and stand up for what is right? >> sean: a lot has been reported on. we had karl rove on this
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program last night and the things that he has said. let me run some of the tape and get your reaction. >> this was about mike castle's bad votes. it does conservatives little good to support candidates who while they may be conservative in their public statements, do not events the characteristics of rectitude and truthfulness and sincerity and character the voters are looking for. and we'll see if she can answer these questions. she sure as heck didn't answer them thus far in the campaign. >> sean: your reaction? >> we did answer them on our website. i'm hoping that maybe it is just the fog of war that hasn't cleared yet. i want to give him the benefit of the doubt that when all this seattle -- settles he will reach for the greater good and do what is best for the greater good and help us win. help us unite the republican party so we can make sure we have another republican, which may be the 41st vote to stop
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against a fill -- filibuster or to stop the votes on things like cap and trade this is a very important race. i'm counting on karl rove to rise above it. he's a good man. >> sean: mike castle did speak out a little today in part he blamed people like me and levin and rush limbaugh. here's part of what he to say. >> i think the misrepresentations of the lies of sean hannity and rush limbaugh on air were another significant part of all of this. i think some of the misrepresentations in my opponents race were a part of it as well. how they came up with the theory that i voted to impeach george bush, i will never know that was the news for a couple days around the election time. i think by mr. limbaugh. but, there's the kinds of things that make politics very difficult. >> sean: he voted for cap and tax. he voted for tarp. didn't he say in the campaign he wouldn't vote to repeal health care?
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isn't that his record? >> absolutely. >> sean: he sounds like a liberal, blaming other people. >> you guys brought his voting record to the public, so i thank you, i kind of agree with him. i would call it credit. you were the leader of the band in saying we have got to stand on our principles. we cannot sell-out any more. selling out on our principles is what has brought our country to the brink of bankruptcy. we need to start focusing on solutions that create jobs, based on the private sector. so you put the message out there that we have to look, not at who is the easiest win but who has the free mar solutions to the economic crisis we are finding ourselves in. a lot of the voters began to look beyond a lot of mudslinging that my opponent was putting out to the positions that we were both presenting. many voters told me he wasn't presenting any positions. you were the only one. i do thank you for that
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>> sean: even the white house has weighed in. white house spokesman, our propagandaist friend robert gibbs weighed in claiming this is an exam of a civil war existing within the republican party. interestingly, no democrat, wants to be seen with barack obama in this election cycle. here's the white house and robert gibbs. >> she ran in 2008 against then senator joe biden and i think lost fairly handily close to 2-1. i think -- look, i think last night showed there's a very vociferous debate going on inside the republican party for the hearts and minds of republican voters. >> sean: let me ask the broader question if you look at kentucky, alaska, if you look at sharron angle. if you look at a number of races and yours in particular, it is -- it has been the establishment versus this new
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conservative ascendancy in the tea party movement. what do you think is happening in the country? the tea party movement keeps winning, the people that supported you won. >> what my race is about and what we see happening across the country is we are putting the political process back into the hands of the people. the people are tired of the establishment on both sides who have lost their way and abandoned the constitutional principles on which our nation was founded. so, what they've said is, we are concerned about the direction our so-called leaders are taking us in washington. we want candidates willing to stand up -- to that the white house statement is more proof why the republican party in delaware must unite order to win this november.]y >> sean: christine o'donnell, congratulations. we'll continue to follow this campaign and your race closely. thanks for being here. >> that you. >> sean: dick morris is here with analysis of last night's
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results and what they could mean for the gop in november. then we are going to play name that party. we'll show you the campaign ads we'll ask you to guess if the candidate is a republican or democrat? you are going to have fun with this. that is coming up, straight ahead. za@i@y@y [ male announcer ] you can dream of protecting networks
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from virtuall any security threat. or, like fortinet, you can dream it and do it. fortinet lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange. >> sean: trick-or-treat for the first time ever irs is ordering poll workers for
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yesterday's primary and november's general election to file tax withholding forms making employees out of temporary workers. the "new york post" says the effect on the nation's employment numbers could be very significant. how convenient, inflating job figures with a sudden change in policy here's something not so convenient, hey white house we are on to these tricks. straight ahead. re... ♪ [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> sean: last night's primary
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proved one thing is true, americans are looking for a shake-up in washington. let's look at which prominent establishment candidates need to start sending out their resumes. we have mike castle, the latest kicked to the curb but not the first. pennsylvania senator specter lost his primary as well as florida governor charlie crist. alaska senator lisa murkowski, bob bennet and west virginia congressman alan mull hand. joining me is former clinton adviser, -- author of the 2010 take back america dick morris is back with us. good to see you. >> i'm at my new home here in vatican. i said i would leave the country if hillary got elected. but i figured i would leave it any way. >> sean: we'll see new a week or so look at this long list of establishment candidates that have been beaten by the tea party movement and by conservatives. i think it is interesting in light of your comments that
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you don't want the republican party to triangulate. you are saying this is the year people should stand on their principles? >> yeah, i think the tea party movement is purifying the republican party. it is forcing it to be conservative and fiscally responsible, opposed to higher taxes, opposed to big spending. sean, it is weird, since this primary the democrats have been euphoric. figuring that a moderate castle was defeated and an extremist christine o'donnell was not nominated thiser saying this means we going to -- we are going to win delaware and republicans can't count on delaware any more. i that i is such a misreading of the american public in the days when abortion and gun control and gay rights were the seminole hot button issues, then it was true, if you had someone way over right the voters in the center got a little antsy.
9:17 pm
now when it is spending and cutting government and holding down taxes and creating jobs and rolling back the obama big government programs, they want an extremist. they want someone who whose sincerity they can trust. the issue is no longer left vs. right it is sincere vs. insincere. democrats saying i'm for less spending holding down taxes even obama sometimes says he's for that question is, who do you trust? the voters are more likely to trust a christine o'donnell, a thorough conservative than a mike castle who voted for cap and trade. so, i think that conservatives have a very good shot, with these candidates that are far over right. >> sean: i agree. what i don't understand is the same arguments were made when rand paul won. he can't win in a general election he's winning by a large margin. you made the case that sharron angle will win in nevada. same with joe miller in alaska.
9:18 pm
>> and rubio. >> sean: marco rubio up by 16 points. the question i have is, why do they keep making the same mistake? >> thank goodness they do it makes them easier to beat. the way the senate stacks up as far as i'm concerned now, we have five seats where we are way, way ahead. then we have five other seats, wisconsin, illinois, nevada, california and washington state, where we are more or less tied. we have to win all 10 of those to get control. if we lose one or two of the 10, we have delaware in reserve, west virginia in reserve. we have connecticut in reserve. last night, new york came in to play. because the republicans made a wise choice and chose jody garr did who has the conservative party line. -- chose joe dioguardi who has
9:19 pm
the conservative party line. gillibrand missed a huge opportunity she didn't use the summer to solidify her incouple . now dioguardi could win. -- >> sean: another interesting development in new york the defeat of lazio by palladino, palladino is well funded he has a lot of money supported by the tea party movement in new york. three weeks s ago there wasn't a poll that showed he could win until a couple days before the race. does he have a chance to take on cuomo? >> he sure does. gillibrand and cuomo together caused the subprime mortgage crisis. cuomo insisted jamming them down the throats of fannie mae and freddie mac even though he knew these people couldn't pay back the money. gillibrand was his deputy in charge of special projects, new products.
9:20 pm
the new products were subprime mortgages. to add insult to injury when she left hud and the subprime market part she and her husband bought in countrywide the firms issuing the subprime mortgages and made $40,000 when the market part. she helped cause the crisis and profited by it. cuomo and gillibrand both could lose over the same issue >> sean: love your new home, beautiful background. >> isn't that great, it is not even a set, it is the real thing. you can see the white smoke coming out. >> sean: i think i can mind your shoulder. i wonder if that means you are elected. thanks. coming up name that candidate. if you -- can you tell if the candidate behind this ad is a republican or democrat? >> i like jason altmire not
9:21 pm
afraid to stand up to the president. >> and nancy pelosi. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india, affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus orsummary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information
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>> sean: so if anybody out there needed additional proof nat democratic party is in serious trouble this november, we have it. what you are about to see is video proof that democrats are running scared. we put together several clips from several campaign ads. i'm willing to bet you won't be able to tell the difference between the republicans and the democrats. >> jason's independent, no doubt about it. >> he voted against health care. >> he opposed the wall street bailout. >> he's not afraid to stand up to the president. >> and nancy pelosi. >> i must ask myself 10 times a day what is washington thinking? bailout, pay raises for congress, spending your tax
9:26 pm
dollars on jobs in china. people are fed up, so am i. i voted to hire 5300 more border agents deport illegals commit felonies and eliminate amnesty. no one should be rewarded for breaking the crowd. that may not be what the washington crowd wants, but i don't work for them, i work for you. >> one of the first things did was oppose the annual pay raise for congressional members. it is not only my job but it is my nature to fight for people. >> sean: who were the democrats and who were the republicans? all the candidates you just heard from were democrats. joining me with analysis of this hannity edition of name that party former white house communications director nicole wallace and sandra smith. it is funny, right? they sound like me! >> exactly >> sean: and they are all democrats. i'm the washington outsider. pelosi is the problem. we to control the borders,
9:27 pm
interesting. >> what i love -- and what i'm not sure we've seen before, obvious they would attack washington. washington is the most toxic brand in the world now. not surprising they would attack pelosi. i'm not sure we've ever seen members of a party attack their own president, two years into his administration, ever. >> sean: that's an interesting point. look at all the states, most recently wisconsin, he went to georgia, texas and a number of other states and ohio. guess what? democrats, elected officials don't want to be seen with the leader of their party? >> these advertisements are further evidence they want to distance themselves from their own party. at the end of the day what are they gonna campaign on? government figures show right now businesses, individuals are far worse off now than when obama took office two years ago. if you are one of the democrats that voted no to health care you are happy now you can campaign on that.
9:28 pm
>> sean: jason altmire is one. i don't blame him. at that point, if he doesn't do it, then he probably will lose. i mean -- this was interesting, during that health care debate, i remember saying that a lot of these democrats are going to be brought into the majesty of that oval office, arms twisted, they will be promised the president will campaign and raise money for them. now they don't want him near them. >> they control every lever of law making in washington. they control the measures they are running against. they've been in control, when their brand, their party, began its rapid descent down the drain. i think when -- i said this before, when you treat the voters like they are too stupid to add one plus one, i don't think it will work. >> we are already seeing ed of the reform passed, new laws passed over the past two years. we are already feeling the s faster than president obama and his administration
9:29 pm
predicted. health care, we are already seeing the premium hikes in some cases 10%. >> sean: we have the intimidation. it is interesting they do caucus with the democrats. they elect nancy pelosi as speaker and harry reid as senate majority leader. >> how awkward is that? >> it is two years into his presidency. you can imagine if they were running for an open seat on year six of the obama reign. >> sean: reign? >> well you call him the anointed one so isn't that a reign? >> sean: good point. the voters have been attacked at town hall meetings, tea party members have been attacked. now we got christine o'donnell, we saw with it rand paul, joe miller, shar angle the establishment verse the --
9:30 pm
sharron angle and establishment versus the tea party and the tea party keeps winning. >> you never an tact voters they only speak with their ballots once every two years for congressional races, every four years for president. you never get to attack the voters, ever. >> sean: but they do. this is a little unprecedented. we saw this first in august, not this past year the year before, when you know, housewives and moms and soldiers and retirees, they show up and they are being attacked by the white house, by the democratic party by the leadership. >> the wrong time. not to mention the fact they are missing the point. and they are missing the point even in these ads. talking about what we see every poll shows the main focus of the voter now is improvement in the economy. 2/3 of the economy hates the direction that this economy is going in. yet, we don't hear any of those candidates stepping up and saying how we are going to create jobs or lower unemployment.
9:31 pm
if that ad, never once did we hear anybody campaigning on that. >> sean: it is a distraction from who they are. who they associate with. who their friends are. and the people they are electing and caucusing with. and they are trying to propagandize an election year and say i'm the outsider. meanwhile think are the ultimate insiders. guys good to see you. coming up, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius warning any business owners thinking about passing higher health care costs on to consumers. is this obamacare thuggery at its finest? we have a report with michelle malkin, next. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain.
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>> sean: when president obama was pushing health care reform one of his biggest selling points was that it would stop insurance companies from jacking up rates on you the
9:36 pm
consumer. >> the president: every year they raise premiums higher and higher. just last month, anthem blue cross in california tried to jack up rates by nearly 40%. 40%. anybody's paycheck gone up 40%? >> sean: surprise, surprise. the insurance companies are saying rates will increase due to the new law. kathleen sebelius has written a letter to the national association of health insurers calling on companies to stop blaming obama care for rising rates. the letter says there will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases we will not stand by as insurers blame premium hikes on the requirement they provide consumers with basic protections. she went on to threaten that companies that did so could be excluded from the new health insurance market that open in
9:37 pm
2014. michelle malkin calls it obamacare thuggery. michelle, welcome back, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: obamacare thuggery, define. >> well it is an extension of the way this white house has run business from day one. i'm calling not just kathleen sebelius' latest threat but a year's worth of threats against critics of the obamacare plan. the obamacare inquisitions. it is very important, especially for republicans to set this latest threat in the context of the brief, brutish history of the white house, combating not just individuals, but also corporations that are having to grapple with all of the costs and paperwork and mandates that are being imposed on them, as a result of this failed plan. it goes all the way back to the internet snitch brigade. you remember them, right?
9:38 pm
you were all over it. when you had the health care czar, it is double teaming. it is not just secretary sebelius at hhs. of course the executive appointee who never had to go through any kind of senate vetting. he used her power to try and solicit reports from the obama ground troops about anybody who might have disseminated what they called fishy information about health care. what do they mean by fishy? they meant the truth. one of the people they singled out was matt drudge for doing what? showing a video that was a compilation of clips of democrats from obama down, talking about how the real aim of the public option was as a trojan horse for universal health care. >> sean: you use the term thuggery, inquisition. "wall street journal" said zero tolerance for express ago
9:39 pm
opinion. mike barone calling it is an example of gangster government. isn't this what the predictable, strategy and tactics boarding on authoritarian. i would expect this from hugo chavez this type of intimidation. i mean that sincerely. they are saying either you listen to us or you are going to be isolated and basically run out of business here that would be the net result of it. >> oh yes, absolutely right. classic olin ski tactics. clear message to insurers who tell the truth about the reasons for these rate increases is shut up or else. or else we will exclude you from the exchange. guess what? i'm getting letters from consumers who are saying, yeah please exclude them. i do not want my insured to be part of this government scheme. >> sean: everybody as we predicted will be funneled
9:40 pm
into the government system one way or another. i want to can ask you about christine o'donnell who was on with us tonight. and the establishment vs. the tea party movement and the establishment keeps losing. your reaction? >> what we saw last night on your show and your very watershed exchange with karl rove was the death throes of the old guard. it is time for the changing of the guard. we talked about it with regard to the o'donnell race a week ago. we've been talking about it for sometime now. i think that what you are seeing is fear. a lot of people have asked they didn't understand what motivated karl rove's vicious and really, incivil response last night. completely tone-deaf -- >> sean: mike castle won't even call her. talk about a spoil brat sore loser. >> no doubt. there are a couple of things
9:41 pm
that are key. one, we have to not find language to these people who want to turn the republican party into democrat party light. they continue to describe themselves as moderate when they are anything but. the point is the people of delaware who voted in that primary, understood there was nothing mod right -- moderate about a so-called republican who founded a group called the republican mainstream partnership backed by radical left wing progressive george soros. there are grass roots conservatives across this country and independents who are sick of the democrat party who do not want to have to choose progressive wolves in elephant's clothing this is why they are screaming their heads off. >> sean: michelle malkin, appreciate you coming. kong greats on the book out in paper book. we'll see you soon. time to check in with greta for what is coming up 19 minutes from now. >> greta: you know that guy
9:42 pm
that michelle malkin just called vicious, completely tone-deaf, uncivil, karl rove? he's here. the good thing is michelle is not getting into that. he's not the only one here. senator mcconnell, senator nelson and candidate marco rubio from florida. they are all here tonight. and so much more. back to you. >> sean: we watch in 18 minutes from now greta van susteren goes on the record. our great, great american panel, next. my nasal allergies are ruining our camping trip. i kn who works different than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation. side effects may include headache, nebleed, nd sore throat. [ inhales deeply ] i told my allergy sptoms to take a hike.
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel. he's host of off the page will cain is here. he's the president of the institute of the black world professor ron daniels is back. she a conservative columnist, andrea tantaros is back.
9:47 pm
good to see you. everybody is talking about this. tea party establishment, christine o'donnell, big victory. mike castle wouldn't caller her. he said in may he would support the winner. we'll air this tomorrow night. i find that he's like now being a sore loser, big baby and taking his toys and going home. >> this makes him look really bad. he should pick up the phone and be a man and thank her. especially for the good of a party that has supported him in the past. last night was just a shot over the bow at people like mike castle as it was barack obama and his spending policies. i wish, that republicans rather than come out on tv and say, ugh this is going to be hard. if they would all rally behind her. peg this race for what it is. this could tip the balance of power in the senate. they could funnel money, earned media and they could win. >> sean: christine o'donnell today, according to a report i
9:48 pm
got before coming on air, raised on her website, $ 50,000 -- $750,000 in donations that is a massive amount. >> wouldn't count her out >> sean: the democrats don't want to go near barack obama. why done they want to go near the president? >> let's stick with miss o'donnell. >> sean: no answer my question, i'm the host. >> what i see here is the purist purging the moderates out of the party. >> sean: all right i it. >> we'll have a conservative party i don't that i is a good thing. >> sean: i'm a conservative first before i'm a republican. >> and are a paoursist who wants to purge the party. that's -- and you are a purist who wants to purge the party. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: what. why don't democrats want to be near barack obama? >> reminiscent of the time -- >> sean: if you are not going
9:49 pm
to answer i'll go to you. >> they want to win. and he does not encourage that. the gop has been obsessed with winning for a decade. they've been obsessed with keeping democrats out of power what did that get us? how we are and not principles. this brings us full circle to o'donnell. now this is a vote for principles. >> sean: it is a vote for principles. there are a lot of online conservative bloggers, magazines, writers, et cetera they took the establishment line and bought the attacks castle and his campaign were throwing out. they smeared, attacked, be smirked. >> mike castle called you out. it is not your fault. we should have a goodwill hunting moment. not your fault. >> sean: i never felt guilt. >> you act there was not a time when the republicans were not dodging bush. >> sean: not 19 months into
9:50 pm
his administration. maybe towards 2007. >> was dodging bush because he was acting like a liberal. that's why we have the tea v movem. that's why we have the tea party movement to begin with. >> is on. >> when buckley said the purpose of the magazine was to stand up to our history and say stop that's what the voters have said today. stop. >> sean: guys we a lot more to get to. much more coming up, right after the break.
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
>> sean: we continue our great american panel. you supported charlie rangel? >> yeah, i think he has a long history strong record of stuff that he's done over the years. i do think there's an ethics
9:55 pm
committee in place that wasn't before. i think -- >> sean: the four rent stabilized apartments that he's not supposed to have. >> major misjudgments. no, but here's the point. >> sean: tax cheat tim geithner, major misjudgments. if hannity doesn't pay his taxes will you bail me out? >> the candidate who just won, she would be up for ethics violations. she -- >> sean: go to her website and read the answers. >> karl rove doesn't think so. >> sean: maxine waters, charlie rangel, will jam jefferson, culture of corruption. i thought nancy pelosi was going to drain the swamp? >> why are you so shocked? it is inherent some of the do-gooders are going to take
9:56 pm
extra for themselves. >> new yorkers have always been looking for a crook they can trust. and they found that crook in charlie rangel, but they can't trust him. it makes me laugh. it is laughable they would paint the tea partiers as nuts when you look at the things they said from nancy pelosi saying birth control is stimulative to unemployment checks create jobs. [ talking over each other ] >> you get an unemployment check that is stimulus. >> sean: you know what would have been stimulus? job creation. let's go to ted strickland and john kasich. part of the ongoing debate, a lot of personal attacks. >> he also called the leader of lehman a good friend and awesome leader. he said he's the kind of guy you want to go into battle with. now he says i was in a two-person office in columbus, ohio that office earned him a $400,000 bonus when lehman brothers was going into
9:57 pm
bankruptcy. doesn't sound like a two-person office to membership. >> it has been almost a full year of innuendoes and smears. you know what? because if you can't sell your own record, you attack the other guy. you know what? i'm not distracted. >> sean: it is interesting. personal attacks against christine o'donnell didn't work. they've been trying this against john kasich his poll numbers keep going up he's up by a seven point margin in a state like ohio. really it seems the voters want jobs. they want government that is going to tighten their belt. none of this stuff seems to matter. >> personal attacks when the economy is in the tank people are tone-deaf. look at barack obama. tried to talk about the pastor and all these other things, bill ayers, when people saw their 401(k)'s tanking their main focus was not on his personal -- >> sean: now i think many people have come around. reaction? >> when you lose on substance
9:58 pm
you have to make a personal attack. one guy believes government stimulus and borrowing from other states a way to boost the economy. other guy sees business growth not a difficult choice. >> sean: there's a story out there about the new york jets and there is a reporter that was supposed to interview the jets' quarterback mark sanchez. good looking woman, describes herself as the hottest reporter, i think in mexico. >> she is right. >> sean: all right. >> your -- >> sean: based on your research. the jets start throwing the ball over in her direction. and the couple of comments were made et cetera. if you describe yourself that way, do you think you open yourself up to players maybe acting juvenile? >> i think when you dress a certain way, the way she was
9:59 pm
dressing it certainly opens up players to act that way. >> sean: she on very tight jeans. >> it doesn't still make it right for players to hoot and holler. poor baby, poor ines. she wants to be sitting right here on the great, great american panel. >> sean: she is invited. >> because she is dressed a certain way does not justify her being harrassed or catcalls or whatever that's the point, period, end of conversation. >> sean: i agree with you. i don't think she should be called any names. she said she was uncomfortable. i don't think dress should have anything to do with it. if you are in a locker room and you are a male reporter the guys are going to kid you. you have to expect some level of that if you are in a sports arena. >> we've been told it is inappropriate. she said she didn't raise this other groups raised this. she was prepared to say okay.

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